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chocolate chip cookieeessss

29 Jan

at last… i fulfill one of my cook wish! i made this one cookie! i have been wanting to make them for so long but it is so hard to find chocolate chips in holland. there are some online shops that sells them, it’s quite cheap but the delivery cost is like three times the price of the chips so i decided i was not going to buy any..  i asked my sister to bring me some chips from jakarta.. and here they are…! i was also going to test my new (old) kitchenaid mixer.. it was my moms.. she told my sister to bring it from jakarta for me to use it here since she does not use it much anymore.. anyways old.. new.. i am so happy i finally got this mixer!!! i’m not a big fan of hand held mixer ;P

it’s  9.30 and there was nothing good on tv.. i was waiting for 11.15 to come so i can watch chelsea lately (my favourite show!)  i decided in the mean time i should just make this cookie.. i prepared all the ingredients,, i got the recipes from here.  for me the result was not bad.. but not quite like what i would’ve like to have.. my favorite choco chip cookies is the one from starbucks..

so here’s all the stuff.. along with my new mixer!




oh i am a huge fan of ben&jerry’s chocolate cookie dough icecream! so when i tasted my cookie dough (natch!) i had a biigggg smile on my face and started thinking that i’m going to make my own ben&jerry’s!

anyways.. i watched my chelsea lately, i ate my cookie.. i was missing chocolate milk.. it’s 2.40 in the morning.. i’ve got some complaints about my cookie though.. i’ll write it tomorrow morning maybe…

until next time… 😉

eat on!


look at all those chocolates!!


First post. Pasta Aglio Olio + Fruity Frozen yogurt. And some information about myself (;

27 Jan

Okay hellow everyone 🙂 this is my first food blog…

My name is Olivia, I come from Indonesia.. I’ve been living in holland for the past four and a half years, studying engineering. The blog is going to be something about food, cooking, baking, anything related with creating food 😉 Cooking is something that i love and it’s quite relaxing for me to do after a whole day of studying.. oh i like doing the dishes too (; !

A month ago I went for a holiday to Jakarta and went out with a friend of mine, Rehuel. we ate at a place call miitem in Plaza Indonesia. He recommended the place and what i should order which is miitem aglio olio peperoncino.

It looks quite weird because it’s black but it’s their speciality.. Miitem itself actually means dark noodle. From what I read, the color comes from the ink of a squid mixed in the pasta dough. It’s quite funny because they called it noodle but it’s actually a pasta.. but there’s no kick to a name pastaitem, miitem has a nice tone to it 😉

It was quite nice and I decided to give it a cook try 🙂 I didn’t make my own dark pasta, I just use the one I can get from the albertheijn. I would like to try to make my own pasta though sometime in the future..

The recipe is quite easy, i think that’s why i kind of like it. you just need some garlic, chilies, chicken, parsley for a little garnish and some parmesan cheese. It looks like i’m using a lot of parsley but that’s just me, i like parsley a lot 😉

it took about 11 minutes to cook the pasta that i use, so i first i cook the pasta and then started with cooking the chicken.. with a bit of olive oil in the pan i sauté first the chilies  and garlic until it’s a bit golden brown.. and then put in the chicken just for a few minutes until it’s golden brown for about 5 – 6 minutes.

i let the chicken cook for a bit more while i’m draining the pasta. oh and the pasta is cooked with salted water and a bit of olive oil.

then just put in the pasta on the pan and mix it with the chicken. I add a bit more olive oil so the pasta is just a bit more shiny 😉

here’s how it came out…. 🙂

I use the farfalle because i wanted to give it a try, but i don’t recommend it. It became all chunky pieces with the chunky chickens and the pasta. Maybe it would be better if i use spagetti or tagliatelle and it probably would look better. next time then..

For the dessert i made some frozen yogurt.. the first time i tasted it was i think two years ago when i was in Jakarta. My cousin had ordered it with some lychee and it tasted quite good but i was not that interested with this fro-yo sensation that was in indonesia because it had been about two years since i was in jakarta and i was missing my coffee pearl/bubble drink! so at any possible time i only order this bubble drink.

last month when i was on my way to jakarta i had to transit in dubai.. and it was a horrible flight! i threw everything up that i had inside me. so when i landed in dubai i was just trying to find something that is just fresh and cold so pinkberry sounds like a great choice!

two days ago i was planning on making one but i was not so much in the mood to make anything so i just buy this yogurt ice cream from ah.. but it was not as nice and it had to much ice cream in it.  so yesterday i bought a greek yogurt and some vanilla essence and i was ready to go!! oh and i also bought a fresh mango and some canned lychee.

just mix everything together.. i tend not to use any measurements for my food.. because you never know how sweet, spicy, salty you want your food. i always just give it a try an see if it’s good for my taste buds 🙂

since i don’t have any ice cream maker here i did it the manual style! put the yogurt mix in an old ice cream box and just put it in the freezer for about an hour and then i take it out mix it a little and then put it back in the freezer, i do this again for  every half an hour and mix it until it’s frozen enough for me!. while i’m waiting for the fro-yo i just prepare the mangoes and lychee. here’s what came out:

it looks already a bit melted because i forgot to take the picture and i took this picture when i was already halfway through enjoying it.


okay, that’s my first post. i got to do my laundry now!

eat on!

Hello world!

6 Jan

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!