First post. Pasta Aglio Olio + Fruity Frozen yogurt. And some information about myself (;

27 Jan

Okay hellow everyone 🙂 this is my first food blog…

My name is Olivia, I come from Indonesia.. I’ve been living in holland for the past four and a half years, studying engineering. The blog is going to be something about food, cooking, baking, anything related with creating food 😉 Cooking is something that i love and it’s quite relaxing for me to do after a whole day of studying.. oh i like doing the dishes too (; !

A month ago I went for a holiday to Jakarta and went out with a friend of mine, Rehuel. we ate at a place call miitem in Plaza Indonesia. He recommended the place and what i should order which is miitem aglio olio peperoncino.

It looks quite weird because it’s black but it’s their speciality.. Miitem itself actually means dark noodle. From what I read, the color comes from the ink of a squid mixed in the pasta dough. It’s quite funny because they called it noodle but it’s actually a pasta.. but there’s no kick to a name pastaitem, miitem has a nice tone to it 😉

It was quite nice and I decided to give it a cook try 🙂 I didn’t make my own dark pasta, I just use the one I can get from the albertheijn. I would like to try to make my own pasta though sometime in the future..

The recipe is quite easy, i think that’s why i kind of like it. you just need some garlic, chilies, chicken, parsley for a little garnish and some parmesan cheese. It looks like i’m using a lot of parsley but that’s just me, i like parsley a lot 😉

it took about 11 minutes to cook the pasta that i use, so i first i cook the pasta and then started with cooking the chicken.. with a bit of olive oil in the pan i sauté first the chilies  and garlic until it’s a bit golden brown.. and then put in the chicken just for a few minutes until it’s golden brown for about 5 – 6 minutes.

i let the chicken cook for a bit more while i’m draining the pasta. oh and the pasta is cooked with salted water and a bit of olive oil.

then just put in the pasta on the pan and mix it with the chicken. I add a bit more olive oil so the pasta is just a bit more shiny 😉

here’s how it came out…. 🙂

I use the farfalle because i wanted to give it a try, but i don’t recommend it. It became all chunky pieces with the chunky chickens and the pasta. Maybe it would be better if i use spagetti or tagliatelle and it probably would look better. next time then..

For the dessert i made some frozen yogurt.. the first time i tasted it was i think two years ago when i was in Jakarta. My cousin had ordered it with some lychee and it tasted quite good but i was not that interested with this fro-yo sensation that was in indonesia because it had been about two years since i was in jakarta and i was missing my coffee pearl/bubble drink! so at any possible time i only order this bubble drink.

last month when i was on my way to jakarta i had to transit in dubai.. and it was a horrible flight! i threw everything up that i had inside me. so when i landed in dubai i was just trying to find something that is just fresh and cold so pinkberry sounds like a great choice!

two days ago i was planning on making one but i was not so much in the mood to make anything so i just buy this yogurt ice cream from ah.. but it was not as nice and it had to much ice cream in it.  so yesterday i bought a greek yogurt and some vanilla essence and i was ready to go!! oh and i also bought a fresh mango and some canned lychee.

just mix everything together.. i tend not to use any measurements for my food.. because you never know how sweet, spicy, salty you want your food. i always just give it a try an see if it’s good for my taste buds 🙂

since i don’t have any ice cream maker here i did it the manual style! put the yogurt mix in an old ice cream box and just put it in the freezer for about an hour and then i take it out mix it a little and then put it back in the freezer, i do this again for  every half an hour and mix it until it’s frozen enough for me!. while i’m waiting for the fro-yo i just prepare the mangoes and lychee. here’s what came out:

it looks already a bit melted because i forgot to take the picture and i took this picture when i was already halfway through enjoying it.


okay, that’s my first post. i got to do my laundry now!

eat on!


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